16 Best Bags For Swimmers In 2023: How To Choose

16 Best Bag For Swimmers In 2022 How To Choose

The best bags for swimmers include A Wildly Popular Duffel With 2 Wet Pockets, The Lightweight Mesh Swim Bag, TYR Alliance 45l Backpack, Athletico Swim Backpack, Sporti Athletic Backpack

A swim bag is a swimmer’s best friend when it comes to transporting and storing their personal items and swimming gear. They store everything from hats and goggles to towels and phones. 

Swimming bags have significantly simplified our lives as swimmers. Every day we train, they help us transport all of our necessary swimming equipment. The other necessities, such as our racing goggles, tech suits, and, of course, snacks, are kept there for race day.

However, with so many options, choosing the best swim bag can be a little overwhelming.

For more information about the best bag for swimmers, continue reading.

Best Bag For Swimmers

A Wildly Popular Duffel With 2 Wet Pockets

A Wildly Popular Duffel With 2 Wet Pockets
A Wildly Popular Duffel With 2 Wet Pockets

This gym duffel has not one but two wet pockets — one on the bottom for swimsuits and a fairly large, shoe-sized wet pocket on the side — plus eight other pockets to organize all your gear whether you’re swimming or working out. It is one of the best swim bags for swimmers. A wide sleeve pocket on the back holds small essentials like combination locks and ID cards close at hand. Double bottle holders on one end let you carry water bottles and a protein shake (or an umbrella). You can drop it in the pool thanks to its water-resistant bottom, and the top and sides both have easy access full-length zippers. You’ll discover a super-handy tab for your keys inside, as well as a small, zippered pocket for items you want to keep close at hand. It has almost all the features you could ask for in a gym bag, including a padded handle and a comfortable detachable shoulder strap. Reviewers noted that it was strong, flexible, and lightweight despite the lack of a material description. Choose from two sizes and several colors.

The Lightweight Mesh Swim Bag

The Lightweight Mesh Swim Bag
The Lightweight Mesh Swim Bag

For those who require a lightweight, water-friendly backpack on the more affordable side, this no-frills, 100% polyester mesh drawstring backpack combines minimalist construction with pool-worthy features. A contained wet bag will be exchanged for ventilated mesh, but you gain versatility at the expense of storage. A solid front and back ensure that water won’t get inside, and open air mesh sides help your gear dry out. Wide backpack-style straps and a hanging loop at the top provide just enough structure to carry and stow it comfortably, and the drawstring top makes accessing it a breeze. A sturdy zippered pocket for valuables and a small mesh pocket for your water bottle are both located on the front of the bag. Bring it to the gym, the pool, or put it in your suitcase: it’s that packable. To make it clear which one is yours, pick from more than a dozen vivid colors.

TYR Alliance 45l Backpack

Tyr Alliance 45l Backpack
Tyr Alliance 45l Backpack

Another large backpack option is TYR’s Alliance 45L Backpack. 20″ x 13.5″ x 10.5″ is the size of this swim bag, which also holds 45 liters. It is also one of the best swim bags for swimmers.

A pocket inside the main compartment helps keep dry and wet items separate and has a wide mouth opening. And it stands upright thanks to the substantial square base.

This bag has a ton of storage compartments and pockets. There is a sizable pocket on one side for accessories like sunglasses and toiletries. A smaller pocket on the opposite side is provided for keys, hair ties, and nose plugs. A mesh pocket with space for a water bottle is located next to this pocket.

Two more pockets can be found on the front of the bag. One is for a wet/dry compartment that also serves as a shoe storage area. And just above it, a more compact, flat storage pocket.

This bag has a special backing that supports your back and shoulders while you wear it. Additionally, it has a few carabiners to hang bag tags or wet suits.

We should point out that the material might not hold up as well as other swim bags. especially if you’re treating it roughly. Rips or tears could occur in the fabric and bottom.

Lastly, like the Speedo swim bags, the TYR Alliance Backpack has a thin top handle. 

Additionally, a big bag that’s stuffed full of equipment and belongings runs the risk of ripping. Instead, carry it by the straps, as per our recommendation.

Athletico Swim Backpack

Athletico Swim Backpack
Athletico Swim Backpack

Probably one of the most affordable swim backpacks without compromising space is Athletico’s Swim Backpack. It is approximately 40 liters in size and measures 22″x 15″x 9.5″. It is one of the best swim bags for swimmers.

Many of the features found on swim backpacks from other brands are also present on this one. A padded laptop sleeve and a roomy main compartment are included. Dry items can be kept inside of the compartment.

There are two smaller pockets for water bottles as well as pockets on each side. These pockets stand out because they can be closed with a bungee cord to keep everything safe. 

To hold your phone or other electronics, use the pocket on the opening flap. To keep them safe, it has a felt lining. 

We almost would have called the additional pocket, which is only on the front of the bag, “hidden.” Because the presence of a pocket there is initially not very obvious.

The bungee straps that run the length of the front of the bag are one unusual but useful feature. Towels and suits can be stored in this.

Last but not least, the mesh pocket at the bottom of the bag is excellent for keeping wet items or shoes. 

Sporti Athletic Backpack

Sporti Athletic Backpack
Sporti Athletic Backpack

Another budget-friendly option (although not as cheap as Athletico’s Swim Backpack) is Sporti’s Athletic Backpack.

It’s also packed with several key features that other swim bags have. It’s a great swim bag, holding 38 liters and measuring 19″x10″x13″. 

And we appreciate that it doesn’t skimp on the pockets. 

The main compartment has plenty of room for all your gear requirements. It also has a dirtbag that is detachable and can be used to store your wet items. Such as suits.

Both sides of this bag have pockets. For item security, one pocket has a bungee cord that allows it to be closed. One can hold a water bottle, while the other can.

The front of the bag has two additional pockets. The lowest bag is another wet/dry bag that can also be used to store shoes or other items. Immediately above that, there is a deceptively sizable pocket that can accommodate items as large as paddles!

Sporti’s bag has a small zippered pocket for smaller items on the flap, similar to Athletico’s bag. such as keys or a phone.

Finally, the front of the bag has two buckle straps that can be used to hold towelsfoam rollers, or sandals.

This Extra-large Swim Bag-Arena Swim Bag

This Extra-large Swim Bag-Arena Swim Bag
This Extra-large Swim Bag-Arena Swim Bag

Your gear will fit comfortably inside and outside of this enormous bag. It is one of the best swim bags for swimmers. The Arena swim bag has a large carrying capacity of 45 liters, is made of sturdy 100% polyamide, is completely waterproof, has a reinforced bottom, and has a ton of storage space to keep everything in order. There are two pairs of zippered pockets and double mesh pouches on either side of the large mesh exterior compartment. The extras are secured by a few carabiners. When you need something hidden inside, simply unzip the large opening. Inside, you’ll discover a separate waterproof compartment for your suit, keeping the rest of your belongings dry. No matter how much you stuff inside, it’s easy to carry and prevents you from perspiring because the back and straps are lined with permeable mesh.

This Oversized Mesh Tote That Can Hold Gear For 5

This Oversized Mesh Tote That Can Hold Gear For 5
This Oversized Mesh Tote That Can Hold Gear For 5

An affordable large mesh tote may be more appropriate for pool parties, beach outings, and weekend trips to the lake than your robust swim bag. With a lightweight design to reduce weight, this one can hold towels and flip-flops for up to five people. It has a sturdy synthetic bottom made of polypropylene mesh, as well as sturdy cotton carrying handles that are made of cotton and are said to be soft and long-lasting. It has four roomy exterior pockets that offer just the right amount of organization, and it zips shut for security. Additionally, there is a hidden waterproof storage pocket that is secure to safeguard valuables. Sand and chlorine are also completely unaffected by this because it is machine washable. Also take into account the company’s mesh duffel bag if you need to carry a lot of specialty gear.

Speedo Teamster 2.0 Backpack

Speedo Teamster 2.0 Backpack
Speedo Teamster 2.0 Backpack

Our choice for the best swim bag overall is the Speedo Teamster 2.0 Backpack. As a result of a variety of features, it is the ideal option for carrying your swimming gear.

This 35-liter swim bag has been updated with a sleeker body, an adjustable top flap, and a front pocket with ventilation that is hidden.

When empty, it stands up, making it simple to load in bulky swimming equipment.

It has an unlined main compartment that serves as its anchor and a side pocket with drainage for damp items.

You can easily distinguish your swim bag from your lane mates’ because it is available in a variety of colors!

Finis Rival Swim Backpack

Finis Rival Swim Backpack
Finis Rival Swim Backpack

The Finis Rival Swim Backpack is ideal for them, though, just in case they do. It is one of the best swim bags for swimmers.

The main compartment has a 15-inch microfiber-lined laptop sleeve and is big enough to fit swim gear.

The waterproof front panel and bottom keep your bag’s inner contents from getting wet, which is its best feature.

The built-in mesh bag on this backpack also makes it easy to store items like a foam roller (by the way, we suggest Trigger Point foam rollers) or your wet swimsuit and other swim gear.

This swim bag is made to withstand sunlight and chlorination.

TYR Alliance Backpack – Runner Up

TYR Alliance Backpack – Runner Up
TYR Alliance Backpack – Runner Up

The TYR Alliance Backpack, which comes in a variety of colors and sizes, is a multipurpose and useful bag made to keep all your swimming equipment safe and organized while providing you with a dependable way to transport it from the beach to the pool.

Additionally, this bag is made entirely of polyester and features an inner sleeve for your laptop as well as separate compartments to store wet or dirty gear. This backpack’s ergonomic design, which is intended to support your back when you’re carrying too much weight, is one of its best features.

Athletico Swim Backpack – Honorable Mention

Athletico Swim Backpack – Honorable Mention
Athletico Swim Backpack – Honorable Mention

The Athletico Swim Backpack has enough room for you to store the majority of your swimming, camping, and gym equipment. With its many inner compartments and convenient carrying handle, storage is made more effective.

High-quality materials were used to make this backpack, increasing its durability. It’s a great swimmer’s bag for keeping your gear safe and dry at the pool or beach because it also has an elevated laptop sleeve and a waterproof bottom.

Gonex Swim Bag – Also Consider

Gonex Swim Bag – Also Consider
Gonex Swim Bag – Also Consider

The Gonex Swim Bag is a multi-purpose bag that doesn’t just store your essential swimming gear but also serves as a luggage bag to carry with you on your travels. It is one of the best swim bags for swimmers. The bag has webbing handles that you can use to carry it in your hands, but it also works well as a cross-body bag thanks to its removable, padded shoulder straps.

It has two compartments so you can separate your dry and wet gear. The wet compartment is completely waterproof and made of translucent EVA material. This bag is also roomy, sturdy, and convenient to carry!

Athletico Mesh Swim Bag

Athletico Mesh Swim Bag
Athletico Mesh Swim Bag

When going swimming, camping, or to the beach, you can store items in various compartments thanks to the separate wet and dry areas in this swim bag that keep your towels and clothing dry in various parts of the bag. The large size of this swim bag allows you to fit a lot of equipment inside. The bag is suitable for swim gear due to its quick-dry mesh.

Additionally, you can use this bag for a variety of occasions, including camping trips, hiking excursions, and days at the beach. Additionally, keep in mind that since the straps are not padded, they may dig into the shoulders.

Arena Swimming Athlete Sports Backpack

Arena Swimming Athlete Sports Backpack
Arena Swimming Athlete Sports Backpack

In order to provide competitive swimmers and athletes with enough space for all swim gear and accessories, the best manufacturers in Asia have created these swim bags. These 45-liter swim bags are the only thing needed to transport equipment for your swimming or gym session. We also appreciate the wide-mouth top zippered compartment, which makes it simple to load and unload your gear from these bags.

Tyr Big Mesh Mummy Backpack

Tyr Big Mesh Mummy Backpack
Tyr Big Mesh Mummy Backpack

This backpack is made to be the ideal travel companion for all your swimming or gym activities, just like the majority of the bags on this list. This tough swim bag, made of the best materials, has a roomy main compartment for the most storage and mesh venting for improved drying time and drainage. These swim bags are used by amateur and expert swimmers alike for swimming necessities, workout gear, and more! 

The inner pocket lacks a zipper closure, which would have made it simpler to store wet or damp items.

Disney Kid Swim Bag

Disney Kid Swim Bag
Disney Kid Swim Bag

Children can store their swim gear in this swim bag with a Mickey Mouse theme. The bag is a good size for children of all ages to carry due to its dimensions. They are made of a lightweight polyester material and have a drawstring closure for simple access to the contents of the bags. To keep everything safe and organized, the swim bag also has various compartments. Water bottles fit perfectly in the side pockets made of mesh!

Remember that while it’s a good option for children, it might not be the best for adults due to its size and limited storage space.

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How Should I Pick A Swimming Bag?

A few factors should be taken into account before choosing your swimming bag in order to select the one that will best meet your needs as a swimmer.

What Equipment Do You Need To Swim?

What you need the purpose of the bag to be is the most crucial factor to consider when choosing your swimming bag. For instance, if you are looking for something to just carry your equipment, you should probably choose a mesh bag.

But since a swimming backpack is much more robust and protective, you should probably think about getting one if you need a swimming bag to carry more valuable items like tech suits, towels, perhaps your laptop, phone, and an extra pair of shoes.

Having said that, you might want to read my article on the 15 best swimming brands by clicking here if you’re curious about some of the best swim brands for your swimming bag.

Durability, Water Resistance, & General Swimming Bag Quality

The swimming bag’s design is the second thing to take into account. You should choose a product that will be sturdy and last you at least two swimming seasons. 

Consider purchasing a swimming bag made of materials that are resistant to water as well. In the event that water splashes onto the pool deck during practice, this will help keep everything dry inside.

It’s also crucial to consider the overall standard. You need something with adequate storage for your needs and a durable construction to safeguard the contents.

Straps That Are Comfortable And Sturdy Drawstrings

Your swimming backpack or mesh bag’s straps and drawstring are the last thing to consider, so make sure they are of good quality and comfortable. 

It may be necessary to carry a heavy bag occasionally, so it’s critical to protect your shoulders and prevent fatigue before competitions or training sessions.

Getting water up your nose in the pool is among the worst experiences you can have! It stings, makes you cough up water, and thoroughly demoralizes you, stopping you in your tracks. So, which nose clip is best for you?

What Goes In The Swimming Bag?

Your swimsuit, towel, and goggles should be the top three items in your swim bag when you head to the pool.

An additional snorkel, paddle, and pair of fins can help you improve your swimming workouts.

To protect your nose and ears, nose clips and earplugs are also a good idea. They will only take up a small amount of room in your swim bag. To prevent them from getting lost, put them in a smaller zippered compartment.

Pack a swim cap and chlorine-removing shampoo if you want to take care of your hair. If not, green hair is also cool.

A swim bag needs a lot of room for kickboards and pull buoys. We advise picking them up at the pool if you have limited space and it has those items.

What Characterizes A Good Swim Bag?

When it comes down to it, a good swim bag is a combination of the swim bag’s quality and personal preference.

A good swim bag, however, should generally:

  • Be large enough to carry/hold all your belongings that you need for the pool (and school/work, if needed)
  • You can find everything easily
  • Made of durable and thick material
  • Has strong stitching along all the seam
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Have at least two pockets for smaller items

The pattern/color, the number of pockets, and other features can also be significant choices. However, these are more based on personal preference than the overall design of a good swim bag.

A Swim Bag Vs Mesh Bag

Although they both serve the same purpose—transporting wet items to and from the pool—they are very different from one another.

Swim fins, pull buoys, kickboards, paddles, and other swimming accessories can all be stored in mesh bags that are specifically made for this purpose.

(Find the best mesh bags for swimmers by reading this roundup if you’re looking for one.)

When there are multiple swimmers (and multiple mesh bags) in a lane, the mesh bag is typically brought to the end of the lane where it is easily accessible and keeps equipment organized.

After the workout is done, the mesh bag allows your gear to “breathe” and dry when you leave the pool.

Other items should be kept in swim bags.

such as your towel, keys, smartphone, and clothing for swimming.

Swim bags have multiple pockets (mesh bags are just one big “pocket”) so that you can keep things organized.

Additionally, they frequently have multiple compartments to prevent the mixing of wet and dry items.

What’s The Best Way To Pack A Wet Swimsuit In My Swim Bag?

One of my go-to moves for hauling my wet swimsuit home after a long day at swim practice is to wrap it up inside my towel.

Of course, there is also the option of wringing it out and letting it dry before leaving for home, but for those short on time, rolling up your swim towel into a burrito will prevent your dry items from getting wet in your swim bag.

16 Best Bag For Swimmers In 2022 How To Choose
Best Bag For Swimmers: How To Choose

In A Swim Bag, What Should You Put?

All you really require to hit the pool are the necessities, such as a swimsuit, swim towel, and swim goggles.

A swimming cap, swimmer’s earplugs, kickboard, pull-buoy, paddles, swim fins, and many other items are available if you want to advance your swimming.

In reality, there is a LOT of stuff you could, well, stuff into a swim bag, but the most important are your swim goggles and suit!

Ways To Take Care Of Your Swim Bag

The longevity of swim bags is a huge plus. particularly if you look after them. To maintain the condition of your bag, use the following advice.

  1. Remove wet items, such as towels, clothes, and equipment daily to let your bag dry out
  2. Dry off any equipment before storing it in your bag
  3. Clean out your swim bag once a month to ensure you haven’t forgotten any trash, food, or wet items
  1. Try not to carry your bag with just one strap, as this can lead to tearing over time
  2. Wipe down the outside, inside, and the bottom of your bag if it starts to look dirty


Can You Swim With A Waterproof Bag?

Whether you’re planning to go for a swim or not, a waterproof bag is a great option for the beach as it protects your items not just from any splashes of water, but also from sand and dirt. Waterproof bags are safe, simple to use, and long lasting. They are also simple to transport while engaging in any water sports.

Water Resistant Vs Waterproof Bag

Water will eventually be able to penetrate a water-resistant backpack because it can only withstand it so long. However, a waterproof backpack is totally resistant to all water attacks, so water never gets inside.


The best bag for swimmers was discussed in the post.

Swimming bags can be found as a mesh bag or a backpack, each with a specific function. The majority of swimmers use both types, but you can also decide to stick with just one. Mesh bags for all of your training equipment, including fins, kickboards, snorkels, paddles, and towels, are included in the swimming backpack for swimsuits, goggles, and towels.

I do, however, hope that this article was helpful in your search for the ideal swimming bag. Consider checking out my blog if you’d like to read some additional swimming articles about topics like stroke technique, weight training, dryland, and so forth.

I appreciate your reading.