Confirmed Modifications To Uniform Guidance And Training For Technical Officials

The training procedures and uniform requirements for technical officials have been updated as a result of a review at a recent meeting of Swim England’s Swimming Leadership Group.

Technical officials are crucial in ensuring that all athletes in the sport, from club competition to international competition, compete on an even playing field.

All swimming officials across England, Scotland, and Wales are educated and trained to the same standards. The three home nations all adhere to FINA Technical Rules, so officials with formal training are listed as British Swimming Officials.

The opening level of Judge 1, where it has been decided that it is no longer necessary to officiate for a minimum of three hours at a Level 1 or 2 meet, is where the updates in training take place.

Officials in training are still encouraged to continue their training at this level if they want to gain more experience.

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What Attire Are Technical Officials Required To Wear?

It has been decided to outline the uniform requirements for each level after taking into account recent inquiries about the specification for swimming officials’ attire.

  • Unless otherwise specified by the organizer, officials are not required to adhere to a dress code at unlicensed or Level 4 meets, but all attire and shoes must be appropriate for poolside use.
  • The dress code for Level 3 meets should take into account the need to project a professional image in support of the athletes, but there can still be some latitude in what is worn.
  • The dress code should be the same at Level 1, Level 2, and national events. This dress code can be specified by the event’s organizer, but if there is a deviation from the norm, the organizer should either supply the items themselves or give volunteers enough time to get the necessary supplies if it means buying extra ones.


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