How Long Do NFL Games Last? – the Ultimate Guide

How Long Do NFL Games Last - the Ultimate Guide

An NFL game is scheduled to take place over 60 minutes. After that, these 60 minutes are divided into four 15-minute quarters. However, if there is a tie between the two teams after 60 minutes, overtime is used to decide who will win.

Is there halftime, and how long does it last? How Many Minutes of Game Time is a Football Game? What Adds to the Time of Regular American Football Games? Don’t worry, I will answer all the questions in the post, please read on.

How Long is An NFL Game?

NFL games are played over four quarters and last 60 minutes, but unlike some UK sports, the clock stops frequently.

Incomplete passes, penalties, changes of possession, the end of a quarter, or the passing of two minutes at the end of the second and fourth quarters can all result in this.

NFL games generally last three hours or so in total. Super Bowl 2022 should end around 3am UK time with a halftime show that should last about 30 minutes. Learn more about How Many Rounds Are in the NFL Draft?

What is Overtime?

The teams have an additional 10-minute play period to resolve their differences if the scores are tied after 60 minutes.

The overtime period, which was originally 15 minutes long like the four quarters of a game, was cut in half to 10 minutes in 2017.

How Long Does Halftime Last?

When playing in the NFL, there is a halftime break after the second quarter.

12 minutes pass during this. But because the halftime show is included, this can last longer during big events like the Super Bowl.  Learn more about NFL halftime.

How Many Minutes of Game Time is a Football Game?

Four 15-minute quarters make up the sixty minutes of an NFL game. The game clock is set to stop for various reasons during each quarter’s 15 minutes. Stoppages happen for a number of reasons, which I will list below in this post.

How Long Do NFL Games Last - the Ultimate Guide
How Long Do NFL Games Last? – the Ultimate Guide

What Adds to the Time of Regular American Football Games?

During an NFL football game, the game clock can stop for a variety of reasons. The most frequent causes of clock interruptions in an average NFL season game are listed below.

  • After a brief commercial break, the kickoff for one team usually occurs.
  • An incomplete pass from the quarterback to their target
  • A touchdown and or field goal that allows the team to celebrate for a bit in the end zone
  • Calling a timeout
  • When a team commits a penalty (like offsides, pass interference, too many players on the field) which needs the referee to stop a play
  • Instant replay reviews
  • Halftime breaks between the first half and the second half
  • Punts that cause the clock to stop after the receiving team either crosses the goal line, is tackled, or scores a touchdown.
  • A football game’s second and fourth quarters are when the two-minute warning, which stops the clock, is used. A commercial break usually results from the two-minute warning stopping the clock.
  • Until the very last second, one team would not snap the ball. For instance, a winning team with the ball in the fourth quarter will attempt to take as much time between snaps to bring the game’s remaining time. Given that each play has a 40-second clock, it is easy to see how much time is lost when teams keep the ball when nothing is happening.
  • An injury that takes place on the field

What Adds to the Time for Playoff / Superbowl Games?

Football playoff games and, in particular, the Super Bowl, lengthen games even more than those played during the regular season. The length of commercials is the main factor in playoff games being longer than regular-season games. Additionally, the Super Bowl halftime show extends the duration of the show.

What is the Longest National Football League Game?

In 1971, a matchup between the Miami Dolphins and the Kansas City Chiefs featured the longest American football game ever played. The Dolphins eventually prevailed after 82 minutes had passed in the game. The total time needed to finish the game was seven hours, eight minutes.

What Are Ways the NFL is Speeding Up the Game?

NFL fan theories are a common topic of conversation among friends about how to speed up the game. It remains to be seen whether the NFL adopts any of these, but many people are talking about speeding up the action. The following suggestions for quickening the action during games will come from the fans.

  • Speed up instant replays via reviews
  • the 40-second snap clock being changed to something else. Reducing the 40 seconds to something like 30 seconds could result in more action throughout the game
  • Keeping the play clock running on incomplete passes and or plays
  • Remove the 2-minute warnings
  • Reduce the number of challenges and or timeouts a team can call
  • reducing the number of ads that are shown in between plays. Another option is to use a double box, which allows the action to be on one screen while a commercial

American Football Rules

There will be many Super Bowl viewers tonight who are familiar with NFL regulations, but for those who are unaware, here are some fundamentals.

The offense, defense, and special teams are the three main components of a team. Depending on which offense has the ball most of the time, one team’s offense and the other’s defense will generally mirror one another, while both teams will occasionally deploy their special teams (typically on fourth down).

There are four chances for the offense to advance the ball ten yards. If they are unable to accomplish that, the opposing offense will take over on the field where they were unable to complete the fourth down. To improve field position on a fourth down, the usual course of action is to kick (punt) the ball to the opposition.

An offense receives a first down and the four attempts to gain ten yards are reset if they cross the goal line. Because a team would be unlikely to go for it on fourth down inside their own half because they would hand the ball to the opposition close to their own end zone, third downs are typically the biggest plays in the game.

A fourth down could lead to a field goal attempt if the offense is in close enough.

NFL Points Scoring

This conveniently brings up how points are awarded. After scoring a touchdown, the offense has the option of kicking an extra point or reentering the end zone from two yards out for two more points. A touchdown is worth six points. To make the touchdown/extra point combination seven points, teams frequently elect to attempt the less complicated extra point.

A field goal is worth three points for the offense, and the defense can score two points (safety) when they bring down the quarterback in their own end zone or when the ball exits the offensive team’s own end zone.

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Finally, a typical NFL game lasts longer than three hours, just like those in the MLB, NHL, and NBA. It’s getting harder and harder to keep everyone’s attention during a game when it takes two to three hours to finish. The league is constantly looking for ways to increase the action during games because a football game only has eleven minutes of action.

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