Professional Volleyball Player Salary: What Will Surprise You

Interesting Facts About Professional Volleyball Player Salary

How lucrative is the volleyball industry in general? What does the average professional volleyball player’s financial situation look like?

Do they typically struggle to make ends meet, or do they only get paid well to perform for eight months of the year?

The article will tell you interesting facts about professional volleyball player salary.

Data For Average Annual Earning

First, if you decide to pursue a career in volleyball, you must be aware of the average yearly salary of volleyball players. But how much money do volleyball professionals make?

The range is between $800,000 and $1,000,000. the sum of the base pay, all bonuses, and seasonal earnings. Let’s now look at the median earnings.

Data For Average Earnings  

You might be curious to know how much a professional volleyball player makes each month when it comes to typical earnings in the sport. You know, according to studies, pro volleyball players in America make an average of $3600 every month.

You’ll frequently find that the research’s provided data displays the typical salaries based on months, years, or even per hour. However, how much money does the typical volleyball player make each week?

However, on the other hand, it appears that the pay for professional volleyball players ranges from $20,000 to $70,000. According to the prior survey, professional volleyball players typically earn $830 a week.

As a result, you might assume it’s a huge sum of money. Right!

Other Sources 

It’s probable that volleyball players made a solid living and substantially increased their annual income.

Thus. It has been observed that professional volleyball players can earn anywhere from $30,000 and $50,000 from different volleyball leagues or teams.

You can see that players can make up to 110,000 dollars in a year or so from a variety of sources.

A Closer Look On Earnings

You might be curious to learn more about the pay for volleyball professionals. As a result, you can see that professional volleyball players’ earnings depend on their motivation for choosing a particular career path.

However, there are situations when players get compensated, and the amount paid might be anywhere between $25 and $120.

Professional Women’s Volleyball Players

The salary of professional female volleyball players also varies according to the league, technical level and player position.

The annual income of most entry-level professional female volleyball players is expected to be between 10000 and 25000 dollars, while the annual income of experienced athletes may be far more than 100000 dollars.

As usual, there is no simple way to answer this question.

We have seen the absurdly high salary of South Korea’s top female volleyball players, but there are also people like Zhu in China who earn more than onemillion dollars a year, so it is obvious that the best women in the world can get a salary similar to that of top male volleyball players.

At the same time, due to the reduced demand for TV broadcasting rights and endorsements, you can expect the average salary of the men’s volleyball team to be much lower than that of the men’s volleyball team.

Although some female junior professional volleyball players may be difficult to maintain a balance of payments, in most cases, athletes have a lot of expenses and can focus on graduation to higher income leagues.

The Structure On Earnings

The players can also receive payment in other ways than by winning. In other competitions, volleyball players would therefore receive the secondary and tertiary prizes.

Players occasionally sign contracts with teams that pay them substantial salaries of up to $10,000 per month.

See the highest dollar now. Professional volleyball players earn more than $1 million annually in salary.

A Professional Volleyball League

There are more than 20 professional volleyball leagues in the globe, the most of which are in South America, Europe, and Asia.

There is often only one professional league per nation, with France being the exception with its two pro leagues.

Each league attracts a different level of competition and as such, the top athletes are able to earn considerably more money by playing in the top tier leagues.

The Typical Entry Level Salary

Once more, a lot will rely on who wants to sign you. And a lot of who is interested in you depends on your position and level of skill.

Most first-year volleyball professionals are recent college graduates. The athletes that excelled in college may be able to sign a deal with a top-tier team in Italy right away, earning just over $100,000.

This is unusual, though, and most athletes start out in Tier 4 leagues after college and work their way up. In their first two seasons, most amateur athletes can anticipate earning between $12k and $20k.

Influence Factors  

To inquire about the pay of professional volleyball players is like to asking how long a piece of string is. It depends, and incomes vary widely depending on a few criteria, is the standard response.

These variables include the league’s foreigner quota, the player’s talent level or value, and the position they play.

We’ll be examining how this material functions for indoor volleyball for the remainder of this section of the article. We’ll discuss how professional beach volleyball differs from recreational beach volleyball later.

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Asia Professional Volleyball Players 

Despite being extremely tough for foreigners to enter, the Asian volleyball leagues do make some fairly spectacular money.

Men’s volleyball players in Asia can expect to make between $15.5k and $55k at the entry level while earning closer to $530k at the elite levels. Superstar volleyball players from around the world frequently make more than $1 million per season playing in Asia.

As you can see, the leagues in Korea, Japan, and China are raking in some fairly sizable cash. The extremely strict foreigner quotas are the cause of this.

China Professional Volleyball Players 

Compared to the Korean or Japanese leagues, the Chinese Volleyball Super League is not quite as well-known, but its fan base is expanding swiftly.

Although salary information for this league is really hard to come by, from what I understand, foreign talent still gets respectable pay because of the low foreigner quota.

I don’t know how much the local Chinese players make, but given how unpopular volleyball is in China, I would anticipate their salaries to be far lower than those of the Korean and Japanese V Leagues.

Japan Professional Volleyball Players 

Depending on the player’s skill level, the position they are playing, and the kinds of sponsorships that are now available, this figure will vary greatly.

Locally, entry-level players can anticipate a starting wage of around $15.5k.

Although this might not seem like a lot of money, players are usually taken care of and have many costs, including accommodations and amenities, covered.

Both men’s and women’s teams frequently have team dorms where players live in the Asian leagues.

Korea Professional Volleyball Players

Asia’s most profitable volleyball market is unquestionably Korea, which frequently attracts many of the sport’s top athletes with big contracts.

According to a recent report, a professional volleyball player in Korea makes an average annual pay of $141,000.

I couldn’t tell how much less the ladies made, but that was to be anticipated.

However, it seems that top-level women make just slightly less money than top-level men.

Europe Professional Volleyball Players 

The majority of professional volleyball players prefer to play in Europe. The amount you are paid will mostly depend on where you end up in Europe.

While some superstar players in Tier 1 leagues earn salaries north of $1 million, entry-level professional volleyball players in Europe make between $13,000 and $100,000 annually.

Interesting Facts About Professional Volleyball Player Salary
Interesting Facts About Professional Volleyball Player Salary

This is obviously a big range, but that’s due to the enormous variations in play quality throughout different European leagues.

Russia Pro Volleyball Players 

The most financially successful volleyball league in Europe is known as the Russian Volleyball Super League.

In Russia, professional volleyball players can anticipate earning at least $100,000 each season, and some clubs have even been known to offer contracts between $1 and $2 million.

The fact that Russia only allows two foreign players per squad helps explain in part why they can pay so generously. Additionally, professional athletes frequently choose to relocate to locations with better weather but less money, such as Europe or Asia.

Italy Pro Volleyball Players 

The world’s best volleyball is undoubtedly produced by the Italian Superliga.

The highest-paid volleyball players in Italy can make about $1 million a year. Players at the entry-level can anticipate earning around $100,000.

Italy is regarded as the pinnacle of competitive indoor volleyball. Due to the intense competition, clubs spend a lot of money on good players.

Turkey Pro Volleyball Players

Another extremely expensive Tier 2 European league where players can negotiate significant contracts is the Turkish Efe League.

Depending on their level of expertise, professional volleyball players in the Turkish Efe Ligi can earn anywhere from $30k to $600k every season.

Due to the comparatively low level of local talent and the 3-percent foreigner quota, competent foreign volleyball players are able to earn significant sums of money in Turkey.

We’ll get into more detail later, but Turkey also features one of the highest paying women’s leagues in the world.

Germany Pro Volleyball Players 

One of the stronger Tier 3 divisions is the German Bundesliga, and some teams there have substantial funds to invest in players.

In the German Bundesliga, professional volleyball players can earn anything from $15k and $250k annually.

The top clubs are completely different from the bottom teams in terms of skill and budget, which contributes to the wide salary difference.

Simply said, the league’s bottom half cannot compete.

USA Professional Volleyball Players 

Many outstanding professional indoor volleyball players reside in the USA, but up until recently, there was no way for them to make a living playing on home soil.

Athletes Unlimited, a women’s professional volleyball league, has debuted in the USA.

Unfortunately, there are no chances for men’s professional volleyball in the US.

In contrast to most professional volleyball leagues, the Athletes Unlimited league’s competition is structured with players that are part of the league itself and distinct teams that are selected in each round of the draft.

But, do you know what is a volleyball made of? How is volleyball produced?


You see the average earnings of pro volleyball games and how volleyball players get paid weekly, monthly. 

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much a volleyball player gets paid; how a player paly and performs matters. 

In general, the salary of pro volleyball players varies from 20,000$ to 190,000$ in 2022.