13 Best Women’s Volleyball Shoes In 2023: Top Picks

13 Best Women's Volleyball Shoes In 2022 Top Picks

The best women’s volleyball shoes include: Nike HyperSpeed Volleyball Shoes, Asics Gel-Rocket 10 Volleyball Shoes, Adidas Women’s Novaflight, Under Armour Women’s HOVR Block City, Asics Women’s Sky Elite FF 2, Adidas Women’s Crazyflight W-Mid…

Wearing the right shoes always improves your game, regardless of your position—outside hitter, setter, libero, or whether you’re passing, spiking, or playing defense.

And when it comes to selecting the appropriate footwear, you’ll discover that a good pair of volleyball shoes offers a number of features particular to the sport that you won’t find on a typical pair of athletic shoes or trainers.

In general, volleyball shoes are crafted to support and enhance the lateral and vertical movements of the sport while also providing stability and support to help keep players safe.

That’s a big job for a pair of shoes, so it probably comes as no surprise that some volleyball shoes perform it better than others.

Here’s the scoop.

Best Women’s Volleyball Shoes

Nike HyperSpeed Volleyball Shoes

Nike HyperSpeed Volleyball Shoes
Nike HyperSpeed Volleyball Shoes

With Zoom Air technology under the forefoot, the Nike HyperSpeed volleyball shoes propel players forward on the court. In order to increase durability and comfort, these shoes have a NikeSkin overlay on the toe.

The lightweight, breathable HyperSpeed volleyball shoes from Nike have rubber soles for increased traction. The tongueless design of these shoes allows for simple on-and-off. Lace-tighten straps provide improved ankle support.

Asics Gel-rocket 10 Volleyball Shoes

Asics Gel-rocket 10 Volleyball Shoes
Asics Gel-rocket 10 Volleyball Shoes

A special TRUSSTIC midsole, which is lightweight and enhances overall stability and structure, is a feature of the Asics Gel-Rocket 10 volleyball shoes. To support your natural movement, these shoes have an upper made of breathable, flexible mesh.

The Gel-Rocket 10 volleyball shoes from Asics have a heel wrap-up and GEL technology for shock absorption. For better side grip, the outsole of these shoes has flexible grooves.

Adidas Women’s Novaflight

Adidas Women's Novaflight
Adidas Women’s Novaflight

You stay on top with these Adidas Novaflight indoor shoes for women. For stable takeoffs and landings, their breathable upper mesh locks down your midfoot. You’ll have traction on the outsole to make quick movements in all directions, in addition to the responsive Bounce midsole that is shaped specifically for vertical movements. When you hit the ground again, the Court Performance System outsole keeps you in the game. Adidas novaflight volleyball shoes provide natural-feeling movement with responsiveness thanks to their rounded edges and multidirectional grip.

Amazing models are made by Adidas. It is unquestionably one of the best designs in their renowned line of volleyball shoes, as any Adidas fan can attest. We can promise you that these shoes will be incredibly comfortable. Your entire stored energy can be used thanks to their unique Bounce technology. With each step you take, you will sense the power returning thanks to this sole, which offers immediate comfort. There should be no slipping on the court or inside the shoe.

Under Armour Women’s HOVR Block City

Under Armour Women’s HOVR Block City
Under Armour Women’s HOVR Block City

Like their two main rivals, Nike and Adidas, Under Armour also produces a women’s volleyball shoe. The UA Women’s HOVR Block city In White and gold colorway is the most attractive of the three models that are offered in our opinion.

Your ability to have adequate support and stability, which is crucial for preventing injuries, will be made possible by synthetic midfoot panels. Additionally, the foam in the ankle collar will improve comfort and ankle stability. Additionally, UA HOVR cushioning offers soft landings, which is fantastic for our knees! This shoe should have great traction because Under Armour shoes in general have great traction. You will be able to perform lateral movements easily with a full rubber herringbone traction pattern, which is essential in women’s volleyball due to longer and more defensively oriented actions.

Their mesh upper material is very adaptable and offers your feet exceptional comfort without making you feel constrained or putting pressure on your feet. Additionally, it makes the shoes feel lighter and keeps them from smelling too bad.

Asics Women’s Sky Elite FF 2

Asics Women’s Sky Elite FF 2
Asics Women’s Sky Elite FF 2

Asics Sky Elite shoes have great traction and foot support, and some of the players we know wore them. For knee support and foot cushioning, Asics uses gel technology. You’ll observe that Asics Sky Elite’s curved heel shape offers a better feel and offers more support for the ankle and heel. Better stability will be offered by DYNAWRAP technology, and your overall jumping experience will be improved by TWISTRUSS. The mid-top is the better option if you need better support, particularly for the ankles, even though our model is a low-top variation.

More than impressive, this distinctive addition to the Asics volleyball shoe lineup. High-quality mesh makes up the shoe’s upper portion. The mesh prevents suffocation, and the plush foam inserts snugly encircle the leg below the ankle.

This particular pair of Asics sneakers from the sports collection has laces that cross through holes that were specially shaped to allow the laces to be tightened around the foot. You can alter the tightness around the ankle by doing it this way. You have complete freedom to customize the fit of the sneakers to your exact liking!

Adidas Women’s Crazyflight W-mid

Adidas Women's Crazyflight W-mid
Adidas Women’s Crazyflight W-mid

Put on these Adidas Crazyflight W shoes for women when you need to rule the volleyball court. Their Boost midsole gives them the energy for big jumps and the cushion for graceful landings thanks to an EVA frame that stabilizes them. You are supported when you land thanks to the mid-cut design of the lightweight mesh upper and the TPU midfoot reinforcement. Your energy will never run out in the Adidas Crazyflight MID indoor volleyball shoes, keeping you flying around the court.

A mid-cut and tight fit of the engineered mesh upper keeps you stable while cooling your feet. Twists, turns, and side steps are made stable by the supportive mid-cut’s snug fit around your ankle. The Crazyflight W volleyball shoes from Adidas for women give you the traction you need to win. Making use of Primegreen, the upper has 50% recycled plastic, which is a step toward reducing plastic waste. Save the environment while feeling good in your shoes!

Adidas Women’s New Crazyflight (low)

Adidas Women's New Crazyflight (low)
Adidas Women’s New Crazyflight (low)

The performance of the Adidas Crazyflight model will be comparable to that of the Novaflight model. The midsole makes the biggest difference. Adidas used Boost technology in this model, which should offer better cushioning than bounce. Midfoot reinforcements will provide more support for the feet, improving reactions and making lateral movements simpler. Adidas volleyball shoes are known for having excellent traction.

They also come in a mid-top version, in terms of design. The variant that we previously discussed.

Dominant play and full court pressure. On the court, your agility, speed, and accuracy are your most crucial assets. You must have faith in your equipment if you want to achieve these qualities. We can say with confidence that these Adidas volleyball shoes might be just what you’re looking for.

Adidas Women’s Ligra 7

Adidas Women's Ligra 7
Adidas Women’s Ligra 7

Adidas Ligra 7 is the following model in our list of low-cost options. The majority of players are looking for comfort and breathability, which their breathable mesh in the upper portion of the shoe will provide. These are constructed using Primegreen, a group of high-performance recycled materials, just like the other Adidas models we discussed.

Regardless of whether a player is a pro or an amateur, their volleyball shoes are the most crucial piece of equipment. They also offer the foot comfort in addition to better shock absorption. Sports injuries are less likely when participants wear high-performance footwear during practice and competition. Fortunately, every brand makes an effort to continuously enhance the new technologies to produce shoes with even greater durability, comfort, and support.

Nike Zoom Hyperace 2 Volleyball Shoes

Nike Zoom Hyperace 2 Volleyball Shoes
Nike Zoom Hyperace 2 Volleyball Shoes

The Nike Zoom HyperAce 2 volleyball shoes have a foam midsole with responsive Nike Zoom Air cushioning that is lightweight. For superior traction and quick responses, these well-known Nike shoes have a sturdy rubber tread.

In addition to having a heel cage that improves your stability and support on the court, the Nike Zoom HyperAce 2 volleyball shoes have a breathable textile and synthetic construction.

Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning Z6

Mizuno Women's Wave Lightning Z6
Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning Z6

Volleyball players are gradually growing less fond of Mizuno footwear. But that doesn’t mean you can’t expect them to perform well. Players who still adore and wear Mizuno shoes exist, as far as we know. One of the original manufacturers of shoes made specifically for volleyball.

Volleyball shoes are becoming more and more popular as volleyball styling becomes more and more popular. Mizunos are not flashy shoes, but they are very useful. With these volleyball shoes, you’ll experience exceptional comfort that lets you wear them all day without putting undue stress on your legs or joints. This amazing model’s top-notch construction makes the upper mesh material extremely adaptable. You won’t experience any pressure or squeezing on your feet, and it gives your feet exceptional comfort.

Asics Women’s Netburner Ballistic Ff Mt 2

Asics Women's Netburner Ballistic Ff Mt 2
Asics Women’s Netburner Ballistic Ff Mt 2

The Asics Women’s Netburner Ballistic FF MT 2 is the next shoe on our list of the top 10 women’s volleyball shoes. This Asics model uses Gel technology, just like the rest of their lineup, to give runners enough padding and soft landings. In particular, the mid-top model, which has better ankle protection, the supportive material inside the shoe will give you better overall support.

Asics has to be the first brand that comes to mind when thinking about high-quality, comfortable volleyball shoes. This multinational Japanese corporation plays volleyball the old fashioned way. Any older player will say Asics when asked which shoes they would suggest. Best shoes available are made by Asics! That is why our list contains a variety of models.

Mizuno Women’s Wave Momentum 2

Mizuno Women's Wave Momentum 2
Mizuno Women’s Wave Momentum 2

We advise middle blockers or opposites to use Wave momentum 2 as they will offer excellent ankle support.

The price of Mizuno Wave Momentum 2 is something that we cannot help but notice. Everyone seeks an advantageous price to quality ratio. Although this particular model is not the most affordable on the market, finding volleyball shoes that are right for you shouldn’t be hampered by cost. Another sign of the quality of Mizuno Wave momentums is the length of time they have been available on the market.

Asics Women’s Gel Tactic

Asics Women's Gel Tactic
Asics Women’s Gel Tactic

Asics Gel tactic may be among the best choices for those on a budget who are looking for dependable women’s volleyball shoes under $100. Like other models, it uses Gel technology to give the feet excellent shock absorption and cushioning. Asics shoes have always had excellent traction, so this one should work just fine. For us, selecting them for the top 10 women’s volleyball shoes was an easy decision.

You will be given more support to keep your foot in place with a Trusstic system. We consider them to be shoes that could be used professionally as well because they provide a lot for the price.

What Is Unique About Volleyball Shoes?

Basketball shoes are more like volleyball shoes in terms of construction than any other sport’s footwear. This is logical given that both sports are played on courts and have comparable footwork, jumping, and agility.

However, basketball shoes and other athletic shoes differ slightly from volleyball shoes.

Players spend a lot of time on the balls of their feet in order to execute deft and quick movements when playing volleyball, which includes attacking, blocking, serving, and other actions.

To support the foot’s ball, volleyball shoes frequently have EVA midsoles, a foam-like material.

A high-quality volleyball shoe will typically have traction-enhancing rubber soles, impact cushioning, and upper ankle support to facilitate your movement and safeguard your body.

Given that volleyball injuries to the feet and ankles are a major concern, you’ll stay in top form on the court if you wear shoes that can lessen slipping, cushion jumps, and stabilize the foot and ankle.

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Tips For Buying The Best Volleyball Shoes

How Differ From Other Shoes Are Volleyball Shoes?

Players in volleyball constantly move laterally and vertically. The three sections of a shoe—the rubber sole, the midsole, and the upper wrapping section—need to be taken into account in order to design the best shoe for this. Excellent grip, lateral stability, and protective cushioning are essential components of a good volleyball shoe.

The Rubber Sole: In order to jump and change directions, volleyball players need to have excellent court traction. Tennis and squash require non-marking soles, and volleyball requires them as well so that it doesn’t mark the indoor courts.

Mid-sole: The midsole of a shoe stabilizes the ball of the foot. For the quick movements and jumps that volleyball players are known for, a good mid-sole is essential. Typically, this consists of a variety of components, such as gel, foam, and air cushions. For the best support, a good mid-sole must be both flexible and strong.

Upper wrapping: To reduce moisture and keep the foot cool in this situation, you want the material to be light and breathable.

How Many Wears Should A Pair Of Volleyball Shoes Endure?

How frequently and seriously you play volleyball will determine this. If you play four to five times per week, one pair of shoes should last you the entire season. Loss of traction on the sole or a loss of ankle support are signs that your shoes need to be replaced.

Younger players may outgrow their shoes before they wear out from excessive use.

But, do you know what is a volleyball made of? How is volleyball produced?

Do Different Volleyball Positions Require Different Shoes?

It’s critical to have a pair of volleyball shoes that match your position and playing style because each position on the court brings a unique set of skills. You might be a defensive player who must dive low but also be able to jump high and block, an attacker with quick jumping, strength, and power, or a libero who is flexible and agile.

Defensive Shoes:

Defense, setting, and deep-digging liberos all call for sturdy footwear made for defensive players. If you play in the back row, your ability to react quickly and your knowledge must be supported by a performance that enables quick direction changes and stability even when stretched to the limit.

These shoes need:


A high-grip outsole for fast changes

A low profile for speed and comforrt

Shock absorption for landings and take offs

Attacking Position Shoes:

When in the front row your shoes need:

Great cushioning for jumping and landing

Lightweight material to help you jump higher

Excellent fit for stability

Excellent traction allows for quick, slip-free movements and agility.

Exactly How Should A Volleyball Shoe Fit?

A volleyball player’s foot must be able to move freely and the shoe must fit snugly. As with most activity-based shoes, it’s a good idea to leave a fingers-width or less between the tip of the toe and the shoe.

Should I Go Outside In My Volleyball Shoes?

On the court or gym floor, it is best to only wear your volleyball shoes. They won’t last as long if you wear them every day as this will increase wear and tear on your sales. In particular when navigating tar or concrete, which are more challenging surfaces.

Best Women's Volleyball Shoes
Best Women’s Volleyball Shoes


Best Women’s Volleyball Shoes for Hitters

  1. Crazyflight Mid Volleyball Shoes by Adidas. …
  2. Volleyball shoes by Adidas, called Novaflight. …
  3. Adidas Ligra 7 volleyball shoes. …
  4. Shoes for volleyball that are Nike Zoom HyperAce 2. …
  5. Tennis shoes by Nike called HyperSpeed. …
  6. Basketball shoes made by Under Armour called HOVR Block City. …
  7. Shoes for volleyball that are made by Under Armour.

What Kind of Shoes Are Best for Volleyball?

  • Mizuno Wave Momentum.
  • AF2 ASICS Sky Elite…
  • Nike KD14. …
  • Infinity by Nike for Kyrie…
  • Puma MB.

What Shoes Do the US Women’s Volleyball Team Wear?

Adidas sponsors both the boy’s and girl’s national teams for the USA and provides each player with a pair of the company’s top volleyball shoes. USA Volleyball player Paige Tapp and the women’s national team wear Adidas volleyball shoes.

Why Do Volleyball Players Wear Asics?

In order to lessen pain and fatigue during and after your matches, your volleyball shoes should feel comfortable on your feet and have plenty of cushioning. Competitive volleyball players benefit from stable and long-lasting cushioning from ASICS shoes with GEL technology.


In comparison with men’s, women’s volleyball shoes are performance-wise the same as men’s. The designs are the only distinction. In addition to looking good, the shoes must also perform well on the court, which is crucial for women.

The salaries of women’s volleyball players in the professional ranks are interestingly comparable to or even higher than those of men. Looking at other sports, this is quite unusual. Volleyball does not involve any physical contact, leading the majority of people to incorrectly assume that it is a sport for women. Volleyball is an intense and attractive sport, both men’s and women’s, but some key differences are obvious. Women’s plays and actions tend to be longer and generally involve more defense because their attacks are weaker.

I appreciate you reading.