How To Choose A Good Volleyball Shoe? A Step-by-step Guide

How To Choose A Good Volleyball Shoe A Step-by-step Guide

It can be a little challenging to select the right shoe for your year-round play or even just a summer volleyball camp. Knowing how a volleyball shoe is made and what you prefer will be useful to you in the future, regardless of how experienced you are. Use this advice from Nike Volleyball Camps to choose the ideal volleyball shoes.

To choose a good volleyball shoe: take into account your body weight and any prior wounds, consider your budget, check out various shoe models, make a choice, and purchase new footwear.

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Steps To Consider When Buying Good Volleyball Shoes

Now that you know what to look for let’s go through some steps on how to choose the perfect volleyball shoes.

Take Into Account Your Body Weight And Any Prior Wounds

The first step to consider is what your body weight is. Your foot and legs will be under more stress the heavier you are. In that case, try to get hands-on shoes that are bulkier and provide more support (High-Top). Same applies if you had lots of ankle injuries in the past. Be sure to choose volleyball shoes with better ankle support or use ankle braces to protect them from injury instead.

Consider Your Budget

The next step is to think about your budget. As I already said, good volleyball shoes range in price from $100 to $200. All shoes over $100 should perform well, so try to go over that number.

Check Out Various Shoe Models

The third step is to check on different models and designs of shoes. Volleyball can be played in shoes from a huge variety of models and manufacturers. Today’s trend is that many professional players wear basketball shoes, which are very similar to volleyball. (“We will talk about those in the next blog post”). As a result, you have more options thanks to their advantage of offering hundreds of different colorways and designs.

Make A Choice, And Purchase New Footwear

Once you’ve gone through different types of shoe models and considered your budget, it’s time to make a decision and buy the pair you like the most.

How Have They Been Created?

Basketball and other types of running shoes are not made the same as volleyball shoes. The constant lateral and vertical movement volleyball players engage in is the cause of this. The rubber sole, midsole, and upper sections make up the three parts of the shoe.

Typically, a gum-like substance makes up the rubber sole. A solid foot and good floor traction are made possible by doing this for the player. A non-marking sole and reduced risk of ankle injuries are features of a good shoe.

Support for the foot’s ball comes from the midsole. Volleyball players use this during practices and games for their quick movements and jumps. The mid-sole can occasionally be made of foam, gel, or air cushions to provide a flexible yet firm support.

The nylon or mesh material that makes up the upper portion of the shoe. In order to help prevent moisture buildup and keep the foot cool, it is made to be lightweight and breathable. See more about What Are The Best Shoes For Volleyball

What Defines A Good Volleyball Shoe?

Traction And Stability

Good volleyball shoes have to provide excellent traction and stability. They should prevent you from slipping so you can make jumps, quick movements, and cuts with ease and prevent unwanted injuries.


There are lots of jumps in volleyball, and shoes need to be cushioned enough to provide a soft landing and protect your foot going through lots of stress.

How To Choose A Good Volleyball Shoe A Step-by-step Guide
How To Choose A Good Volleyball Shoe? A Step-by-step Guide

Considerations For Buying Volleyball Shoes

There are a few key factors you need to consider when buying volleyball shoes. Let’s briefly go over them.

The Position You Are Playing

As you probably already know, there arefive playing positions in volleyball—opposite, setter, outside hitter, middle blocker, and libero. Consequently, based on your role, selecting the appropriate volleyball shoes would likely vary. For example, middle blockers and opposites could go for more robust shoes with more ankle support due to more jumps when playing. On the other side, Libero could go with more lightweight shoes due to more lateral and quick movements. Naturally, this differs from person to person. Whichever shoe you pick up, you need to feel as comfortable as possible.

The Size And Fit

It is essential to make sure you choose a shoe that fits well. You should try on a few models before making an online purchase because different brands have different sizes. You can ask your teammates to borrow your desired model to make sure they fit well. Each brand should also offer a measurement chart to assist you in selecting the appropriate shoe size for your foot.

The Level Of Support

If you have any foot or ankle problems, you should choose a shoe that provides good (ankle) support. This will make sure your feet are safe and comfortable.

The Price

Good volleyball shoes can range from around $100 to $200. The primary consideration is quality. Your legs and feet should feel comfortable, so I advise spending a little more on new shoes, your feet will be thankful.

The Brand

There are many different brands of volleyball shoes available on the market. Different brands have different levels of popularity and product selection. When I started to train as a kid, I remember that the most popular volleyball shoes were Asics and Mizuno. Everybody had them. Today, more players are changing to Nike and Adidas, primarily because they offer more variations and better colorways.

The Warranty

Most volleyball shoes come with a manufacturer’s warranty. This is important if you have any problems with the shoes after purchasing them. Make sure to read the fine print and understand the warranty terms before making your purchase especially online.

The Color And Design

Volleyball shoes come in a variety of colors and designs. You have the option of selecting a shoe with a design you like or one that matches your team’s uniform. Select a brand and colorway that you will be happy with for the long term. In my opinion, Nike basketball shoes have some of the best designs out there, so if you want to look good and stand out from others, go with Nike shoes.

The Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, choosing a shoe with a good return policy is essential. If the shoes don’t live up to your expectations, you can do this and get your money back. Nike, in my opinion, has an excellent warranty policy. It happened to me that my Paul George’s got punctured, and after the investigation process that lasted only one week, they returned me the money with no complications.

In general, volleyball shoes are crafted to support and enhance the lateral and vertical movements of the sport while also providing stability and support to help keep players safe. But, what are the best volleyball shoes for women?

How Should They Fit?

A volleyball player’s foot must be able to move freely inside the shoe. This means that the shoe must be tightly fitted and prevent movement of the foot inside. One piece of advice is to keep the distance between the shoe’s tip and toes to no more than a finger’s width when trying on shoes.

Am I Able To Use Them Outside?

Only the gym floor should be used for wearing volleyball shoes. Because of how quickly asphalt and concrete will destroy the soles, they should never be worn every day. It is advised to pack a spare pair of shoes for use after practice or games.

But, do you know what is a volleyball made of? How is volleyball produced?

What Volleyball Shoes Suit My Playing Position?

Middle blocker/hitters

First line of defense against an opponent’s attacks, middle blockers also engage in significant offensive activity. Daniel suggests mentioning your preference, size, and height for this position. “If you’re a bit bigger, you’d go for Stabil so that you’re kept stable and supported during gameplay, reducing any risk to your joints and knees,” Daniel says. “A pair of Crazyflight shoes to help with the high jumps for blocking shots is something I’d suggest if you’re lighter and more agile.” The Boost technology in the Crazyflight and Stabil shoes provides phenomenal energy return.


Similar to how a quarterback on a football team and a point guard on a basketball team might be responsible for the offense and point strategy of their respective teams, the setter is in charge of both. “Setters have to be at the net all the time, jumping frequently and moving quickly,” Daniel says. “I would suggest Crazyflight trainers in this situation because they are lightweight but allow for swift movement.”

Outside hitter

The outside hitter plays both the hit and the block on the left side of the court. “As both attack and defence, the outside hitters will dart around in diagonals, running and jumping throughout the game,” Daniel says. “Due to their lightweight construction and responsive Boost cushioning, Crazyflight trainers are the best option in this situation.”

Opposite/Right side hitters

An opposite hitter, who serves as both a setter and an outside hitter on the right side of the court, is the most adaptable player of all. “Crazyflight trainers would work best for them too,” Daniel says.


A libero keeps the ball in play and the rally moving by playing at the back of the court while defending. “A libero has to move very quickly to make their passes, so I would recommend Stabil trainers to keep them secure and supported as they shift direction,” Daniel advises.


Making a purchasing decision can be challenging because there are so many options for products and retailers; however, we hope that we have given you enough information to help. What is the most crucial feature you search for when purchasing new volleyball shoes? Is it a cushion, support, traction, or something else entirely? Please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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